BCNA’s Latest Accomplishments

The Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association has been very active on behalf of our members, neighborhood, and city over the course of the past year, including involvement in the following:

  1. SB 384 Assemblyman Scott Weiner’s Bill to Extend Alcohol Service to 4:00AM (Lead Members: Bob Harrer, Bill Hannan and Lee Robbins)
    • BCNA has opposed the bill
    • Sent letters of opposition to both the state Assembly and Senate
    • Sponsored a position statement opposing SB 384 which was adopted by the Coalition of San Francisco Neighborhoods (CSFN)
    • Lobbied against the bill in Sacramento
  2. 88 Broadway for Elder Middle Income Residents (Lead Member: Bob Harrer)
    • BCNA was represented on the committee determining the types of residents and also the appearance of the development
    • We continue to monitor the development as it moves towards the construction phase
  3. Membership Drive (Lead Member: Kathleen James)
    • A membership drive was instituted to bolster the number of BCNA members
    • We can only be successful with a strong base, so supporters were encouraged to join and to urge their neighbors to join
    • Added a significant number of new members and renewed members who had let their memberships lapse
    • We would like to express our appreciation to these new and returning members
  4. New Website, Sign-up and E-mail System (Lead Member: Karen Scarr)
    • Restructured the BCNA website with a much improved layout and also instituted a BCNA Facebook page
    • A new sign-up system will allow for rolling annual membership and simpler payment options
    • A new e-mail system will be automatically linked to the signup system making it easier to manage the e-mail list
  5. Pier 29 Jamestown Development
    • BCNA supported the Port in their effort to develop Pier 29 bulkhead area into an attractive shopping and restaurant area featuring Made in San Francisco products
    • We will stay abreast of developments as the project moves forward
  6. Organizations Affecting our Neighborhood
    • BCNA has representatives at NEWAG, Police Advisory Council, and CSFN
    • We are concerned about and watch the developments at 8 Washington
    • We expressed our support for the design for Teatro Zinzanni and are tracking the developments for the project