SB 384 Extended Bar Hours Bill Fails in California Assembly

The Barbary Coast Neighborhood Association and the Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods, of which BCNA is a voting member, took an active role in opposition to San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener’s Senate Bill 384, which would have allowed for the extension of bar, restaurant, and hotel alcohol service closing hours from the current 2 a.m. to 4 a.m. With our opposition and that of other individuals and organizations, the bill was killed in the California Assembly and replaced by a provision for a Task Force with diverse representation to report on the issue by the end of 2019. Later, the bill was amended further to strike the study and address a completely unrelated subject.

We are pleased to report that we contributed to a successful effort to protect our neighborhood and other neighborhoods from the negative impacts and costs associated with late night noise, rowdiness, and potential increase in traffic accidents. For further details on the decision and two different perspectives:

A positive perspective:

A critical perspective: