Navigation Center Sites on Hold Following Meeting with Supervisor Peskin

On December 11, 2017, BCNA met with Supervisor Aaron Peskin and was assured that the proposed Navigation Center sites at 88 Broadway and Pier 23 will not be developed. Supervisor Peskin apologized for “getting ahead of the process” by not involving us in vetting possible locations for a Navigation Center in District 3. There are problems with both sites, and Supervisor Peskin acknowledged our concerns in assuring us that the sites are no longer viable options. Due to the recent wildfires, there is an urgent need for the mobile houses used for Navigation Centers, and thus, it is currently not feasible to set up a Navigation Center in either the 88 Broadway or Pier 23 locations.

We were insistent that a District-wide approach be used In evaluating any subsequent Navigation Center locations. Supervisor Peskin intends to create a working group of neighborhood organizations to come up with ideas and locations for transitional/supportive housing for the chronically homeless in District 3. While our area may not have homeless encampments or the most homeless people, reports show that District 3 has had the largest increase in numbers of people living on our streets.

The BCNA will continue to monitor the situation and keep members informed.